Thursday, April 9, 2020

Samjae Ch.2-3

Samjae of Technique

<Making Three from One, 
it divides truth from falsehhood.. 
This is the So Go, a Korean small drum.>

In the concrete Taekwondo, each of Haneul, Tang and Saram is what enables technique, technique itself and the center of controling technique.

Among Samjae the concrete technique is Tang. Because Tang is what is distinguishable among Samjae. Haneul is what enables this technique while Saram is the subject that control it as a technique. What makes Taekwondo as it is, but not as it is not? Thus, what makes Taekwondo distinguished from what is not Taekwondo?

It is its technique. Seeing the techniques, we can know they are those of Taekwondo, and can know your motion follows TAEKWONDO.

Intrinsically TAEKWONDO is Ilgiyae(one skillart), hence ultimate thing, with no change, so not distinguishable. Yet we have only a way to talk of this distinctive way, which is through Samjae. It is why it has been said since the old time; "making Three from One, it divides truth from falsehhood."1)

1) 「임금님 지은 세·한얼 말씀 기림글 둘째(御製 三一神誥贊 其二)」, 다섯째 가름(眞理訓), "自一而三 眞妄分圖"

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